More Bug Fixes

Hello Everyone!

One more quick hotfix to get rid of some bugs that were kindly pointed out to us.
We really appreciate all the support and understanding everyone has shown. Thank you!

- Fixed cure 2 and cure 3 not removing horny status

- added item (Anti Root) that can remove horny status in case player doesn't have a healer

- fixed some text getting cut off in text boxes

- calmed down fox girl enemies to stop them throwing too many status effects at the player

- Fixed prison event not triggering correctly if you used bed from the bottom

- Fixed autosave getting you stuck if you lose to Millenia

- Fixed Millenia Request triggering game over when it shouldn't

- Change and rewrote some of the Millenia Request dialogue to fit the situation, it was using too much game over text

- added hover tooltip to Blessed state

- removed changelog from menu for the time bein

- fixed not being able to make a reqguest to the Bat Girl if her affection went over 100

These changes should be compatible with existing saves.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues!

Kind regards,


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the game still crachs when u defeted

(1 edit)

Hello sorry to hear you're experiencing a problem!

Could you explain what is happening? Are you getting a full game crash when defeated?

yeah also when i picked the blue girl after talking in pastown too

(1 edit)

Okay that sounds like possibly it could be related to the steam achievements. It is crashing at times when they would possibly trigger.

We'll upload a new build to itch with that system disabled, maybe it'll stop the crashes.

Does it give you any error message?

no just crachs the game only .

Okay we have uploaded a new build to see if this will fix the problem. If it was related to steam as we suspected, it should be fixed.

Please either redownload the game or update and let us know if you're still having crashes.