0.2 Further Hotfixes

Hello Everyone,

We're glad to see you all playing and enjoying the new content. Thank you for all your reports and feedback so far.

We've pushed another patch to address some more of the issues found so far.

- added groundwork for more steam achievements
-fixed party members blocking elf cowgirl scene
- fixed party members blocking doppelganger scene
- fixed typo in note with password code for safe in room 626 password is now correct.
- fixed collision issues preventing entry to the pyramid

We're currently investigating issues reported with requesting scenes at the party inn leading to a game over after walking a few steps. Strangely these two systems are not connected in any way so it will need looking into for a time.

Kind regards,



Monster Girl Invasion WINDOWS 0.2 538 MB
19 days ago
Monster Girl Invasion MAC 0.2 581 MB
19 days ago

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