Critical Game Over Bug Fixed!

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick little patch this time.


We finally figured out what was causing the gameover bug after gifting things to the monster girls in the party inn.

The bug that caused you to get ambushed and encounter game overs should now be gone!

The Culprits:

It was a very naughty pair of variables hiding away in an area of the game that we do not use for anything right now. It was related to lure and repel items, hence the reason the bug was occurring after a set number of steps.

Look at them, those naughty little variables.

There is potential for it to require a new save in order to reset the variables but please let us know if your old saves now work fine.

Kind regards,



Monster Girl Invasion WINDOWS 0.2 539 MB
15 days ago
Monster Girl Invasion MAC 0.2 582 MB
15 days ago

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