Monster Girl Invasion RPG - First Alpha Release Now Live!

The time has finally arrived!

It has been a long time coming and we are incredibly nervous to finally be pushing the big button...But...

The first Early Access Alpha version of Monster Girl Invasion RPG is now released!

State of the Game:

The game is effectively still an alpha and does not fully represent our vision for the final version, however we hope it is in a state that is both playable and enjoyable for players!

If you want to play a longer, more fleshed out and polished game, it might be worth waiting for at least a couple of more chapters to be added in updates.

There is at the very least a good couple of hours of gameplay for players who want to collect all current monster girls and view all their scenes. The story is slightly shorter if you simply focus on finishing the first chapter.

We recommend collecting all monster girls in preparation for the new story, quest and location additions to come!

More monster girls and content are coming very soon!

It has been important for us to get something playable into the hands of those that have already supported us so much to reach this point. We appreciate all of your support and wanted to prove that we are making something that is worthy of supporting.

We hope this will serve as an example of what more is to come when we eventually reach our 1.0 vision of this game and our Monster Girl world!

Things will very likely be quite different later on in the development of the game, things will be reworked, redone and tweaked. Most importantly, things will be much more fleshed out, content rich and polished!

This version of the game currently includes the following features:

  • - 9 Monster girls + 1 Human Girl with 1 H-Scene Each (more monsters being worked on!)
  • - Recruitable monster girls with unique abilities, collect them all!
  • - Inn hub where player can manage their party and interact with recruited monster girls
  • - Affection system to get H-Scenes without needing to suffer from game over
  • - First Chapter of the story is written and implemented
  • - Various locations to explore and quests to complete
  • - A variety of items and equipment (more to be added soon, we need more!)
  • - Many other features!
  • - Maybe some sneaky bugs yet to be discovered (please let us know if you find any!)

Ending Note:

It has been a long and difficult journey hand crafting this adventure from scratch but it has also been a pleasure to work on it! We really hope that players will be able to enjoy what we have created so far.

We hope this will serve as a decent taster for you to look forward to what comes next for the game, plenty more content, the rest of the story and game upgrades are heavily underway!

Any constructive feedback is welcomed, please reach out to us via your preferred channel, be it via the steam forums, discord or simply sending us a private message or email.

We'll try our best to take all valid feedback into consideration when adjusting and creating the rest of the game.

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy our game,

Kind Regards,


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