Queen Bee and Forest Hotfix

Thank you everyone for letting us know about bugs and frustrations you have encountered with the game so far. We're trying to smash any problems as they arise as quickly as we can.

Patch Notes:

-  Fixed Queen Bee Game Over event not triggering correctly.

- Removed event blocking player from leaving the forest shrine if they want to go and level or buy items. 

You can now leave the forest and go back to town if you need to. (sorry, we realise that was annoying)

- Tweaked autosave to try to prevent the player getting stuck in situations where they are locked in to a tough boss fight.

- Fixed Honey's affection bar displaying incorrectly.

- added new graphics and audio materials for future update

- Gave Pastown item merchant a proper stall

Please let us know if you encounter any more problems along the way, we'll try to get them sorted as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing!

Kind regards,


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