Game Over and Other Bugs Hotfix

Hello Everyone!

We've once again pushed another hotfix to smash some bugs that were detected by a helpful player.

- Fixed not being able to sleep at the Pastown Inn bed after the night scene

- Made the sleeping scene at the Pastown inn recover the party after the night scene

- Fixed losing to some fights still playing win events before game over.

- Tweaked game over logic to hopefully prevent any further errors with scene triggers

- Fixed event with bottle in the creepy house not triggering fully, it does more than just sit ominously!

- Fixed being able to walk through the cliffs in Labway pass jump areas

- Fixed Millenia showing up twice in the shrine scene

Known Bugs (Will be fixed on the next hotfix):

- Arogane Quest not being marked as complete in quest log

These changes should be compatible with existing saves.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues!

Kind regards,


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