Bug Fix Patch 0.1e

Hello Everyone!

Thanks again for more feedback and your diligent bug reports, we've taken action on the most recent bug reports or things that are difficult/unclear. We are prioritising bug fixes to make sure the experience can be smooth and bug free.

We are taking all of your feedback into consideration with high importance. Whilst changes to issues such as balance or gameplay may not be made immediately, they will be considered when making future updates to the game.

In the meantime, work has started on new content. We will post a breakdown of what is coming next probably within the next few weeks!


Build Version 0.1e

- fixed some skills not showing up correctly when learned by characters
- fixed game getting stuck after Arogane being defeated, she no longer gets blocked by player or followers which was leading to event freezing
- fixed catacombs not automatically letting the player go outside when walking to doorway
- fixed millenia inn event to not trigger game over (hopefully for real this time!)
- fixed uncommon error that could happen when losing the first battle in the crater
- Player character can now equip all shields as originally intended.
- All characters should now be able to equip all accessories as intended
- All Achievements should now trigger successfully.
- H-Scene achievements changed to not require loss, you can also get achievement for viewing H-scene via inn requests, this is to prevent confusion around unlocking achievements and also to not force the player to get game over repeatedly to achieve them

These changes should be compatible with existing saves.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues, we are eager to communicate in regards to bug reports so that we can figure out the problem and resolve it quickly!

Once again, thank you so much for playing and for all the kind feedback!

Kind regards,


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