January Progress Report - Update Release Date

Hello Everyone,

Best wishes in the new year!

Firstly to address the most important topic:

It has been a while since the last post or update. Sorry about that. Work has been ongoing for some time and due to some circumstances outside of our control such as a computer breakdown and as well as the update getting much bigger in scope than originally planned, it has grown into a huge task. It is being worked on tirelessly and passionately.

It can gladly be confirmed that the next update will be ready by the end of February.

It will contain 13 new monster girls!

On a personal level: This has been a such a long time coming and hundreds of hours of work in between balancing life, full time study and other jobs. I cannot wait to release it and see what everyone thinks. (Hopefully you're going to love what has been done.) Understandably some people have become frustrated with waiting. I'd be annoyed too if I was looking forward to something that I'd paid for and had to wait for a long time. Communication should have been better. This has also caused accusations of running away with people's money or the game being dead. This is simply not the case. Tons was reinvested back into this project. That is how double the art content was able to be commissioned for the next update. I must beg you to wait a little longer, it is so close now. Please understand this is a Solo project and game development takes time. It may take longer than some people find acceptable but this is something that cannot be helped on a small independent project such as this. I'd hate to rush things and cut corners and end up with quality complaints. I sincerely apologise for the long wait and any disappointment. Please don't let it turn things sour. I am doing my best.

Without giving away too much of the storyline, here are some in development screenshots of some of the new monsters and areas that will be in the next update:


Please do not go any further if you don't want the new monsters or areas to be spoiled.

The area around Goldeka is full of sandy dunes and scorching desert. Don't forget to bring water!

Watch out for the monsters that call the sands their home.

Will you uncover the secrets behind the labs owned by a mysterious yet innovative corporation?

Try your luck in the Goldeka Card Beasts tournament, win rare cards and prizes!

Explore the strange yet exotic city of Goldeka and uncover the secrets behind it.

Take care not to get lost out in the Salolo Desert.

Mimics have started appearing in some areas, watch chests carefully!

Venture into the strange pyramid...Will you make it out alive?

There is so much more than this to show off, it is so exciting to finally be able to release it soon.
Please watch this space for the release announcement. Coming at the end of February!

Please feel free to reach out any time.

Kind regards,


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Congrats Guys! I can't wait to play it and get more Monster Girl Wives :). And I'm excited to see your artist Kato Shinobu's designs :)