Major Content Update 2 is Released! 20% Off Sale!

Hello Monster Girl Lovers!

The time is finally here, after hundreds of hours of work, we're finally letting "content update 2" loose. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

We're also running a 20% off sale to celebrate finally reaching this milestone!

There are now twice as many monster girls in the game!

It has been a long time coming and we cannot thank you enough for your patience!

This update contains 13 new monster girls, these monster girls can be found in new and old areas alike, better get hunting! (Two that require a bit more work to be added in an update over the next week)

This brings us to 22 monster girls in total and one human girl.

Many more areas can also be explored, you can participate in a fun new card based minigame and the foundations have been laid for further content updates at a faster pace.

But wait, there's more!

We'll be releasing further content updates and fixes over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on this space!

This next couple of weeks is going to be very busy with updates, fixes, extra polish and making sure the current missing content becomes available.

Save games from older versions should be compatible but it is highly recommended to start a new save for a better experience and to avoid any conflicts.


New Content:
- 13 new monster girls have been added with one h-scene each.
- More story content and side content
- New locations to explore on the south of the continent
- New card based minigame
- New items and skills
- New Music and graphics

Fixes and Tweaks:

- fixed succubus drain not draining MP
- fixed Goldeka Soldier getting stuck on followers
- moved fox girl slightly in party inn so she is easier to see
- Many typo fixes
- fixed pastown merchant woman not being accessible
- fixed some doors still being accessible at night in pastown
- fixed events that show party members in cutscenes
- changed party inn to no longer be free
- adjusted inn prices to encourage using inns in the world
- various fixes to collisions allowing player to walk through walls
- various balancing fixes
- more polish to existing maps and dialogues
- Many other bug fixes and tweaks!

To stick to our word of releasing the update by the end of February and to save making people wait any longer when they've already waited enough, we've taken the decision to release the update and not delay it further. This means some things are not in the state we wanted them to be but it allows us to get the content out to you and follow up later on in the next couple of weeks.

Rest assured the following issues will be addressed in updates within the next two weeks.

Current Known Issues to be fixed in follow up updates:

- Currently two monster girls are missing from this version due to time constraints or needing more work. They will be added along with the relevant missing story content in a follow up update later this week.
- Mummy girl can currently not be recruited and nothing happens after her fight. The content is there, just not activated due to needing a bit more work.
- Balance and some story content is not finalised.
- The minigame needs some further tweaks.
- Card minigame opponents are currently not very many. Will add more around the world in next updates over the next couple of weeks.
- Minigame tournament currently not functioning and opponents around the game world are not fully implemented.
- There are many missing skills and items.
- Some chests also do not contain intended items.
- Quest tracking is not currently working properly for new quests.
- Some flavour text for newer characters is missing such as in battles.
- Some dialogue CGs are missing.
- Some content is intentionally inaccessible or in a WIP state due to still being worked on.

We hope you enjoy what we've made, we've done our best to get it to a state where you'll all love it.

If you find any bugs or have any issues, don't hesitate to post in the forums or get in touch with us.

Happy hunting,


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