More Bugs Smashed! 0.2 Hotfixes

Hello everyone, 

We've been hard at work smashing more of the bugs that have been reported to us over the past days.


- fixed bug that could cause you to get stuck if you tried to use homestone in the party inn

- fixed elf-cowgirl not disappearing from map when you've recruited her

- fixed game freezing bugs that could be caused in the jail and the throne room if you had hilde, alia or yuki in your party

- added Yuki and Alia to the catacomb and subsequent party inn scene to stop them being oddly absent

- fixed names not displaying correctly when using exp mushrooms

- fixed being able to leave the monitoring station without your party

- fixed being able to use escape scroll in monitoring station

- changed price of magic scrolls to be less ridiculous

- discovered that some bugs are being caused by old save data. 

Unfortunately this means that many of you will need to start new saves. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Due to the way the engine works, major content updates can lead to save data becoming incompatible or causing strange errors when it is loaded. We have discovered this is what was causing a lot of the errors with the card game.

This is also what was causing people to get trapped in game over loops after visiting the inn and making requests.

We'll try to add a system later on that'll allow players to either skip content or boost themselves so that they don't need to play the whole game from the start again if save data needs to be wiped.

We hope everyone is having fun, more content coming after these fixes are done!

Kind regards,



Monster Girl Invasion WINDOWS 0.2 539 MB
17 days ago
Monster Girl Invasion MAC 0.2 582 MB
17 days ago

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